The Lively Stone Prayer Band was formed in 1934, under the leadership of Bishop Phillip Lee Scott. At this time the Lively Stone Prayer Band served as a refuge to the members of the Overcoming Church of God – which was formerly pastored by Bishop Thomas Gibson. They were then located at 2139 Eugenia. Elder Scott was moved for the benefit of all concerned, to change the name of the association known as the Overcoming Church of God, the the Lively Stone Church of God (Apostolic Faith), to be known and to operate as such throughout the world. By this time, the church had moved to 409 South 22nd Street.

The church moved to 2145 Adams (Spruce) where the Lord blessed in a mighty way. In 1941, they changed locations again to 2621 Lawton, and it was here that the Lord blessed in an even greater measure. After twelve years, the congregation became so large the building was again inadequate. In March 1954, the church relocated to 1208 North Sarah. After only five years, the seating capacity again was too small and the church was blessed to purchase the building at 3965 St. Louis Avenue, now known as the Lively Stone Church Educational Building and Lively Stone Christian Day Care Center.

After 15 years, the need for another expansion became apparent and Bishop Scott began to seek the Lord for direction. Plans were in the making to build a new church, when the Lord revealed to him that the church was to remain on the corner of St. Louis Avenue and Warne (now Bishop P.L. Scott Ave.). The Lord confirmed His Word by enabling Bishop Scott to negotiate a contract to purchase our present place of worship, 4015 St. Louis Avenue.

After moving into our new location, remodeling and renovation was the order of the day. Many enhancements were made including the installation of central air, remodeling the Fellowship Hall and Vestibule, enlarging the balcony, building the choir stands, and signifcant landscaping to beautify the exterior of the church and educational building.

In 1978, the Lord revealed to Bishop Scott through a dream plans to build a crosswalk, which could connect the main sanctuary at 4015 St. Louis Avenue to the educational building at 3965 St. Louis Avenue. This one of a kind crosswalk, costing more than one-half million dollars, was dedicated unto God in a two night dedicatory service, November 14 and 15, 1983. This great edifice will remain a monument symbolizing his faithful leadership.


While the church membership continued to grow, its responsibilities increased as well. As a result, the Tape Ministry was started to enhance the outreach ministry of our radio broadcast. In addition, the Food Pantry was established to aid the poor and disadvantaged.

In 1987, after over fifty years of faithful and untiring service, our Founder was called from labor to reward. Nevertheless, God had a plan for this great church. Having been ordained by God to succeed our late founder, on April, 1987, Dr. Alphonso Scott was installed as Pastor of the Lively Stone Church of God, St. Louis, Missouri. The church has benefited greatly through his excellent pastoral abilities. Renovations have been made to further enhance the look and comfort of both the main edifice and educational building.

Other accomplishments include Rehoboth Ministerial Institute, Lively Stone Christian Book Store, Voice in the Wilderness Telecast, Lively Stone Christian Day Care Center, Administration Offices, and GIA (God Is Able) Housing.

Yes, those who are a part of the Lively Stone family today can look around and see that we truly are a blessed church. Yet, it has been the blood, sweat, tears and prayers of countless others, under the leadership of the late Bishop P.L. Scott, who helped bring us from very humble beginnings to where we are today.